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Kehr, Dave - Italian Film Posters
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Gebundene Ausgabe - 160 pages - Museum of Modern Art - Englisch ´Art and fine craftsmanship, which are essential to Italian culture, are evident in these gloriously beautiful posters.´ Martin Scorsese ´The Italians have their own way of making movies and their own way of making movie posters, too—these are images overflowing with action and emotion. Dave Kehr has put together a fine book depicting the beauty that reflects the great contribution of Italian cinema.´ Clint Eastwood With a pride in fine printing and an innate pre-disposition toward the grand and passionate, Italy has produced some of the finest film posters in the world.These colorful images, startling in their freshness and boldness, arouse expectations of romance, mystery, action, or escape. Italian Film Posters is the first collection of these highly evoca-tive images to be published in English. While Italian film posters are well known to Euro-pean collectors and cinema lovers—and the work of artists such as Anselmo Ballester, Alfredo Capitani, and Luigi Martinati is displayed in muse-urns and commands high prices at auction—they remain largely unknown to the American public. This overview of the Italian tradition begins with the Art Nouveau-influenced designs of the silent-film era, moves into the stunning stone lithographs of the 1930s and 1940s, and concludes with the idiosyncratic creations made possible by offset printing in the 1950s and 1960s. The volume opens with a lively and highly inform-ative introduction by Dave Kehr, a NewYork-based film journalist who has written for the Chicago Tribune and the NewYork Daily News and currently writes for The NewYork Times. The 128 color illus-trations, including details of several of the posters, are organized thematically into six sections: ´´Fantasy & Adventure,´´ ´´The Musical,´´ ´´The West-ern,´´ ´´Melodrama,´´ ´´Film Noir,´´ and ´´The New Wave.´´ This organization invites many dramatic and unusual comparisons and contrasts. Included are examples of such film classics as L´Avventura, 8Z, French Cancan, Spellbound, Casablanca, The Lady from Shanghai, La Notte, Bicycle Thieves, and many others. Besides the films themselves, no other arti-fact of the film industry is more provocative than the poster. Film historians and archivists, movie-goers, poster collectors, and the general reader will find the images in this book captivating, amus-ing, sensual, and, often, astonishing.

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